Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Toolmaking / Metal

The German machinery, plant engineering and toolmaking sector has been the "backbone" of the German industry for many years. Due to its international business, this sector is a driving force for the German economy and is greatly dependant on innovation.

The companies of this sector had to design their processes and cost structures in an effective and efficient way due to existing cost pressures. The global market will cause big changes for the companies of this sector. Emerging market players from India, China or Brazil, will also have a strong impact on the future competitive situation.

Companies from the BRIC countries see huge demand for innovative technologies. They will buy companies in technology nations more frequently in the next years. For many companies of the mechanical and plant engineering, toolmaking and metal sector, these countries offer at the same time the possibility for great growth potential due to their enormous markets. Whoever has the necessary financial potential for market expansion has a good chance of competing globally.

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