Knowledge background

Purchase and Sale of Companies / Corporation

  • Presenting the different valuation techniques
  • Features of common valuation mistakes
  • Reasons for valuation

The Value of my Company / Corporation

  • The right buyer/seller? How to find him?
  • Purchase Price/Corporate Value/Financing
  • Certainties/Risks
  • Approaches when buying/selling
  • Basics of negotiation

The Supervisory Board - The Advisroy Board

  • Safety coefficient or know-how-input?
  • Why a supervisory or advisory board?
  • Organization of the supervisory and advisory board
  • Rights, duties and liabilities of the supervisory and advisory board
  • Selecting the members of the supervisory and advisory board
  • What problems can be solved?
  • Costs of supervisory and advisory board
  • Checklist for the articles of association and literature review

The Corporation (Aktiengesellschaft, AG)

  • When and for whom is an AG meaningful?
  • Checklist Pros/Cons of an AG
  • How to convert from a GmbH/GmbH & Co. KG into an AG? Which steps are necessary, what costs are involved?
  • Examples of successful AG transfers; critical cases and mistakes
  • Capital procurement in an AG versus a GmbH/GmbH & Co. KG
  • What changes when the managing director becomes member of the management board?
  • What are arising new rights and obligations for the shareholders and CEO?
  • Who is the supervisory board composed of?
  • Securing the positions of shareholders and managing directors in the AG
  • Legal framework for the management board, shareholders and supervisory boards
  • Different stock classes for different purposes

GmbH (=LLC) Managing Course of Lectures (Geschäftsführerkolleg GFK) I - IV

  • GFK I: important basic knowledge of the LLC , organs , responsibility , liability , capital
  • GFK II : Rights and Obligations of the LLC managing director, capital maintenance obligation , due diligence , criminal , managing service contract
  • GFK III : principles of proper management of a limited company , accounting , controlling, LLC in crisis share purchase , vGA
  • GFK IV : Financing LLC , optimize liquidity , LLC Advisory Board , role and responsibilities of the manager

Financing Alternatives in Times of Econmic Boom

  • Future-oriented financial planning for the financing of corporte development
  • Financing possibilities through equity providors vs. debt providors
  • Financing through dormant participation / Mezzanine Capital
  • Going public as a way for capital injection
  • Strategy and business plan being an ideal base
  • Employee profit participation scheme acting as a financing possibility
  • Discussing pros and cons of the different financing forms

Refinancing of Dormant Participations / Mezzanine Capital

  • Common contracts for dormant participations / Mezzanine capital
  • Possibilities of refinancing through equity providors vs. banks
  • Finding and contacting suitable equity providors
  • Practices with banks
  • Future-oriented financial planning for a timely substitution of a dormant participation
  • "Acting instead of reacting" ? Refinancing Guidelines

Investments from and to China - Chances for SMEs

  • Transactions: Successful project design
  • The legal framework for investments in China
  • Establishing companies in China
  • Possibilities to start business in China
  • Special characteristics of Chinese investors ? cultural differences
  • Technology transfer in the case of minority participations
  • Examples in practice
  • Experiential report of experts based in China

Exit Channel China - Selling Companies / Corporation to China

  • Investments and capital assets in China ? Opportunities for PE
  • Exit Channel China for capital investment companies
  • Transacions: Successful project design
  • The legal framework for investments in China
  • Special characteristics of Chinese investors ? cultural differences
  • Technology transfer in the case of minority participations
  • Experiential report of experts based in China

Employee Profit Participation Model

  • Overview about the different employee profit participation forms
  • Motives for employee profit participation
  • Choosing an employee profit participation form
  • Introducing an employee profit participation model
  • Information duties when introducing an employee profit participation model
  • Implementing a stock option model
  • Examples in practice

Managing a LLC in difficult environment

  • Required action in specific situations
  • Controlling in difficult environments
  • Liability risks and damage claims
  • Working Capital Management
  • Performance Management
  • Practices with banks

"High-end Career"

  • Current market situation for top management
  • Prerequisites for business options
  • Methods for personal goal setting
  • Insights for business start-ups
  • Corporate value and a fair purchase price for participations
  • Financing possibilities
  • The procedure of an MBI / MBO
  • Comparative opportunity and risk assessment
  • Active initiation and personal positioning
  • Access to "Hidden Opportunities"

My Strategies with 60

  • Setting the right course in theory and in practice as an interpreneur.
  • The situation of an interpreneur with 60
  • The time of resigning? As a managing director and shareholder (if applicable)
  • When is the corporate value at its maximum?
  • Personal strategies and goals
  • Legal regulations
  • The role of supporters
  • Practical cases? How other companies have done it

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